EFT Basics -- Getting Started

If you have a high-speed internet connection and you haven't seen Gary Craig's seven-minute EFT Introduction Video, please click on the link to watch it now. It offers a wonderful overview and a big-picture sense of how many things are truly possible with EFT.

One of the great things about EFT is how easy it is to learn the basics. There’s a series of points to tap on in a certain order, and a simple set of words to say to help focus on the issue you’d like to address. You can learn that in under five minutes and be on your way.

The next great thing about EFT is how versatile and forgiving the process is. You can do it backwards, accidentally skip points, forget the words, or make up all kinds of variations of the basic recipe, and it still works – wonderfully! You can personalize it and fine tune it so it fits your personal style or your belief system, and find out what works best for you.

Here’s a diagram of the basic EFT meridian points:

Gary Craig offers a free 80+ page download on the Main EFT Website , if you’d like to learn his “original recipe” and get some great background information. For those who are just getting started with EFT, I offer a slight variation of the basic recipe, with wording that allows you to release a feeling or symptom, and then allow in what you’d like to feel or experience instead. Here’s my basic EFT Reminder Page. Many of my clients use it to practice on their own between coaching sessions.

If you’d like to learn more about what each EFT point is about in the energy meridian system, I’ve also put together a handout with information about the points, the meridians, and the emotions related to each meridian. It includes a script for a tapping round if you just want to balance your meridians and your emotions. Here’s my EFT Meridian Info Page.

The EFT Choices Method

Of all the variations on basic EFT – and I’ve tried a lot of them – my favorite format is one called the EFT Choices Method, developed by Dr. Patricia Carrington . Dr. Carrington addressed a concern that some people originally had about EFT, which was that there seemed to be a focus on the negative, such as using phrases like, “this headache,” or “this anger.” Adding in the positive alternatives (what you’d like to feel or experience instead) addresses this concern.

The Choices Method also aligns EFT more clearly with the Law of Attraction, which says that what you focus on expands, so you focus on the symptom or issue (the contrast) just long enough to release it, and then you identify and focus on what you’d like instead. That’s the Law of Attraction in action. Here’s my version of the EFT Choices Practice Page.

You can use the basic EFT recipe or the Choices Method to address anything and everything you ever want to address, and you don’t ever need to learn anything else. Having said that, there are dozens of other wonderful ways to use EFT, developed over the years by great EFT practitioners, and I’ve described some of them on the following page, along with reasons that you might consider using them. I would encourage you to experiment, play, and see what works best and feels best for you.

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