My 20 Favorite Abraham Concepts
(Part 1 of 4)

Sometimes when I first tell people that about my interest in Law of Attraction (and Abraham), they say something like, “Oh yeah, that’s all about making money, right?” And I tell them that financial abundance is part of it, but there’s so much more to it than that! Then they say, “Really? Like what?” and so many things go through my head at once that I can’t articulate any of them.

So my intent here is to introduce some of my favorite Law of Attraction concepts, as I’ve learned them from Abraham. Please remember that these are just introductions, colored by my own personal filters and experiences! To learn more and get a much broader picture of these concepts and how to put them into action, please read Ask and It Is Given, or one of the other Abraham-Hicks books, or listen to their CDs. This four-part article is just intended to get you started.

Well-being abounds...


Step one in the creative process is simply that we ask for what we desire, whether that’s health, happiness, a great relationship, wonderful career, more money, etc. And we already do this asking all day, every day, automatically. We don’t have to find the perfect words or ask in some “right way,” because the asking is done on a vibrational level as soon as we see something positive and desire it, or see something we don’t like and wish for something better.

So step one takes no conscious effort on our part. We can make lists or write out requests if we’d like to, but those lists are really for us. The universe has already heard our requests as soon as they first occurred to us, before we could even put them into words.

Step Two is that the universe immediately gives us what we’ve asked for. Every time, no exceptions. This is vastly different from what most of us have learned during our lives, but according to Abraham, this is absolutely a given. It’s not our job or our work to make it happen – it’s just given by the universe, freely and with love, every single time.

Step Three is that in order to receive what we’ve asked for and been given, we need to allow it into our experience. This is where most of our work is. Most of us have learned many forms of resistance, and we don’t allow what we really desire to come into our lives, for a variety of reasons (we believe we don’t deserve it, haven’t earned it, have to work hard for the good stuff, etc.). But as we learn to allow in what we desire (or re-learn, since we all start out knowing this), it all comes to us. That’s the law. The Abraham-Hicks materials teach us how to allow it in.

For me, this concept was staggering! I grew up learning things like, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” “Anything worth having is worth working hard for,” and a long list of similar concepts that taught me that my job was to work hard, be “good” and responsible, make things happen, and if they didn’t happen, I either wasn’t doing things right, hadn’t earned them, wasn’t good enough yet, or God/The Universe knew better than I did and it wasn’t meant to be.

As much as I loved learning about this concept of the creative process, it’s taken me quite a bit of time and practice to really integrate it into my life. I still sometimes find myself thinking, “What else do I need to DO to make this happen?” or “What steps have I left out or forgotten here?” And then I remind myself that that isn’t how it works, and I turn my focus again to relaxing, releasing resistance, and allowing things in. What a relief to understand this process!


Since we’re asking for things all the time, at least on a vibrational level, what happens to the things we’ve asked for but aren’t allowing in yet? Abraham says they’re held for us in what they call “vibrational escrow,” available to us whenever we relax enough to allow them into our lives.

This means we don’t need to keep asking and asking for things we want. Once we’ve asked for them, they’re available and waiting for us. When we relax and return to vibrational balance (which is our natural state, not something we have to achieve or “work our way up to”), the universe does all the behind-the-scenes orchestrating necessary to bring everything to us that we’ve asked for. We don’t have to go looking for it – it comes to us.

Again, learning this was a great relief to me. I don’t have to say it just right or ask every day, and I don’t have to earn it or “become worthy” of it (since I already am). I don’t have to seek it out, figure out where it’s hiding or how to get it, or worry about missing it or not recognizing it. As soon as I relax my way into balance, everything I’ve ever desired will come and find me.


Abraham teaches that a significant part of why we choose to come here and have lifetimes in the physical world is to experience contrast – the vast variety of things, situations, people, feelings, relationships, etc., that are part of our human experience. The word “contrast” is deliberately neutral and non-judgmental.

Rather than calling the things we don’t want “bad, terrible, tragic, evil, wrong,” etc., they are just part of the contrast, and the contrast continuously helps us know more clearly what we’d like to experience instead. Then Source becomes what we’ve asked for, holds everything we desire in vibrational escrow for us, and lovingly calls us toward it.

What a shockingly different way to look at it than what I was taught! I don’t have to fight or push against or overcome what I don’t want. I don’t have to judge people or things or situations as bad and wrong. I don’t have to struggle against anything in order to live the life I desire. I just notice the contrast and what I’d like to experience instead, and the universe automatically provides what I’m asking for.

The contrast provides perspective – which I can actually learn to appreciate – and I can just relax and allow all of the well-being in. Learning to relax and stay energetically balanced even in the midst of contrast takes practice, but it’s all that’s required. Amazing!


I said this earlier (on another page on this site), but it bears repeating: While we could create just for the joy of it, what also happens in this process of contrast/desire/creation/allowing is that it continually expands the entire universe and moves it forward. According to Abraham, it isn’t that the universe “needs us” in order to survive, or that we have some kind of grave, monumental mission or responsibility to keep the universe moving forward; it’s just what happens.

It took me awhile to wrap my mind around that and to see what it says about my life and everyone else’s. I look at it this way: No matter what we do while we’re here on the planet, we’re constantly experiencing contrast and sending out rockets of desire, asking for what we would prefer instead. Every person, animal, plant, cell, and every point of attraction in the universe is constantly doing this, and the universe answers each and every call, and continues to improve and expand.

We could live any kind of life, from the most impoverished to the most extravagant, from the most physically limited to the most healthy and vibrant, from the most unhappy and miserable to the most joyful, from the most idle and dull to the most productive and inspirational – and every single one of us continues to have desires and expand the universe. Whatever we do, whether we fail or succeed, suffer or thrive, the universe continues to expand, improve, and move forward. Which kind of takes the pressure off, don’t you think?


One of my favorite things about reading and listening to Abraham is the consistent message that well-being abounds, and well-being is our natural state – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, on every level, within each of us and across the planet. This means that contrary to what we constantly see and hear in the media, on CNN, and from the medical community, health, happiness, abundance, and well-being in general are natural and automatic, not something we need to work hard and struggle to achieve, regain, or maintain.

It also means that we don’t need to be ever vigilant and ready to fight and defend ourselves against all the “badness” out there – disease, crime, theft, and all other versions of “the enemy,” whatever form they may take. Instead we can relax and allow all the well-being to flow into our lives, knowing that well-being is always there, flowing to us and into our experience, and it doesn’t need to be “efforted,” achieved, earned, or pursued, just allowed in.

One of things Abraham says repeatedly – and it feels wonderful every time I hear it – is that if there was a 24-hour news channel that broadcast the news in a way that accurately reflected the amount of good news and bad news happening each day, there would essentially be 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds of good news, and one tiny moment of “bad news” – about once a year.

They say that despite what the media projects, the amount of well-being of every kind on this planet is huge, always has been, and always will be. The news media amplifies the negative and ignores the positive, but Abraham’s bigger picture perspective allows them to see and feel and know how good things really are. Always. And things just continue to get better, as the universe expands and moves forward.

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