My 20 Favorite Abraham Concepts
(Part 2 of 4)

This is the second in a four-part article describing 20 of my favorite Abraham concepts:


The first part of this concept is the stream itself. Abraham calls it the energetic or vibrational “stream of well-being,” which is created when we see what we don’t want (contrast), identify what we do want (anything we desire), send out those rockets of desire, and Source Energy immediately answers our request, becomes a vibrational match to what we desire, and calls us toward it so we can line up with it and receive what we’ve asked for.

This creates a loving, positive stream of energy that calls us forward, and we can easily know whether we’re moving toward it or away from it, based on how we feel. If we feel “good” (at ease, peaceful, relaxed, excited, enthusiastic, joyful, etc.), we’re moving toward it. If we’re feeling “bad” (angry, depressed, hopeless, scared, anxious, etc.), we’re moving away from it. We’re gently called forward by Source Energy, and our emotions are our guidance system.

According to Abraham, there’s only one stream, the stream of well-being. There’s not a good stream and a bad stream. There’s not a stream of illness, poverty, crime, evil, etc. There’s only the stream of well-being, and we are each allowing ourselves to flow with it, or resisting it, in any given moment. Everyone has access to this stream, and actually, everyone’s in it and headed downstream eventually. But we can either relax and enjoy the ride or resist it, and we always have that choice.

Abraham talks about how most of us, with the best positive intentions, take our boats down to the edge of the stream, point ourselves upstream, and begin paddling furiously in that direction. Why would we do that? Because we’ve been taught that relaxing and allowing ourselves to be carried downstream is lazy and selfish, and that paddling upstream against the current, and overcoming obstacles and hardships and struggles, is noble and “good.”

Then Abraham throws in the kicker, and says that oh, by the way, everything you want is downstream. Because of the way that the whole vibrational system works, everything you want is always downstream, no exceptions. And the way to get it is to relax your way into alignment with it and flow downstream toward it.

If you see something that looks like what you want (health, job, relationship, money, etc.), but you have to struggle or paddle upstream to get it, it either isn’t what it appears to be, or if you relaxed and allowed the stream to carry you, you’d get to it faster and more easily. Every time.

So then we ask, how does that work? How could it possibly be faster and easier to let go of the oars and float downstream? It works because when we relax and align with who we are, the universe orchestrates everything for us, down to the last detail.

It provides the circumstances, the people, the money, the solutions, the timing, and anything else that’s needed for us to get what we’ve asked for. It does this for everyone, every time, without exception, and all we have to do is relax and allow it in.

Who knew? Well, there might be people who knew, but I wasn’t one of them. This has been an absolutely life-changing concept for me, and for my clients who have put it into practice, and it works!


All right, so at first this wasn’t one of my favorite Abraham concepts. I wanted quantum leaps! I wanted to get aligned in a big way and have some kind of gigantic financial windfall, or get some other big break, so I could have complete freedom to spend my time doing exactly what I want to do, and nothing else!

And because I’ve asked for it (even with a vague wish or a subconscious yearning), I know that according to Law of Attraction, it’s already been answered and is now waiting for me in vibrational escrow until I can relax, align with it, and allow it in. But how do I get from where I am now (doing well enough financially, but looking forward to more freedom) to where I want to be (completely free in terms of money, time, energy, etc.)?

The answer is, “A little at a time.” One feeling at a time (because emotions are our internal guidance system), and one “better-feeling thought” at a time. Abraham says that the shifting is gradual because the vibrations of despair or fear and positive expectation or certainty are too different from each other to get from one to the other in one big leap. They say the shifting happens gradually, incrementally, with practice.

And how do I practice? I pay attention to my feelings, and I ask myself in any given situation, “Does this feel upstream or downstream?” I find a thought or a way of looking at the situation that feels better – even just a little better. I remind myself to put my oars in the boat (stop paddling upstream!) And let the current carry me. I remind myself that well-being abounds.

If that’s not specific enough, Abraham and Esther wrote a book in 2007 called The Astonishing Power of Emotions. It’s a follow-up book of sorts to 2004's Ask and It Is Given, which I would still recommend reading first. But in its own right, The Astonishing Power of Emotions is a wonderful, practical, specific guidebook that could just as easily be called, How to Get Downstream.


So I have this built-in emotional guidance system, and if I pay attention to it, I can easily know whether I’m headed upstream or downstream. And nothing I want is upstream, and everything I want is downstream. And through my emotions, I’m going to be able to recognize what Abraham calls “the call of Source,” inviting me forward toward it? How am I supposed to recognize the call of Source?

Abraham says the call of Source feels different for different people and at different times, depending on where we are on the emotional scale (from despair and powerlessness at one end to joy, freedom, and appreciation at the other end). But even so, we can always recognize the call of Source, because it feels like relief.

Relief from despair feels different than relief from mild annoyance, but we can still recognize the feeling as relief. As we move closer to joy and freedom, relief feels more like expansiveness, openness, and enthusiasm. In any case, all I need to do is find better feeling thoughts, and feel the relief when I find them, to know that I’m moving toward Source, downstream, where everything I’ve been waiting for is waiting for me.

And yes, it is that simple. Many of us have been trained to ignore our feelings and tune them out, so tuning back into them will take some practice. But we all have this direct guidance system, and we can all access it at any time. No matter what anyone else tells us about what’s right or wrong, what we should or shouldn’t do, etc., all we need to do is tune into our feelings, follow them to the next point of relief, and know that we’re headed in the direction that’s right for us.


I’d heard for many years the idea that my most important relationship is the one I have with myself. I understood it in theory – yes, I know can’t expect someone else to love me if I don’t love myself, etc. – but I had never found that the relationship with myself felt as good as relationships I had with other people.

I also thought that having a relationship with myself could only take me so far, since it’s pretty difficult to snuggle on the couch with myself, kiss myself goodnight, rub my own back, or hug myself when I’m sad. I did things like dialoguing with my inner child, making peace with my body, meditating, taking care of my health, and I’d been journaling for many years to explore my thoughts and feelings. I’m glad I’ve done those things (and continue to do them), but I still felt like something was missing.

Then I read an excerpt from an Abraham workshop where they were talking about relationships, and they said that the relationship I’m really looking for (and so is everyone else) is the relationship between my human self (the part of me that’s projected here into physical form) and my expanded self, or inner being (the larger non-physical part of me that’s part of Source Energy – the bigger picture me).

Abraham says that all those wonderful feelings we have when we fall in love (feeling joyful, energized, loving and lovable, excited, connected, safe, supported, comforted, etc.) are actually the result of opening up to the connection between our physical selves and our expanded non-physical selves. It feels like the feelings are coming from the connection with the other person, but that person and that relationship are just catalysts for allowing the greater connection with our expanded selves.

Abraham says, “If any of you are without the relationship of your dreams right now, that's a wonderful thing. Because now you have an opportunity to work on the relationship that really matters first and foremost. And then, in that connection, the relationship of your dreams will come. But you are going to discover the relationship of your dreams is really your own Inner Being. It's that infusion of clarity and confidence and wellness, that's what you are reaching for.”

And later in the same excerpt: “The greatest gift you can give anyone is to be happy. And we will take that further. The greatest gift you can give to any partner, past, present or future, is to be so connected with who you truly are that they are irrelevant to your connection. And when they are irrelevant to your connection, then you are going to have a really good time together.”

Now that makes sense to me, in a mind-blowing sort of way. If I feel “incomplete” here in my physical form, it’s not because I’m missing my human life partner or soul mate; it’s because I’m not allowing the loving connection to flow between the Source Energy part of myself and my human self. And when I allow that connection, and I learn how to nurture that relationship between my self and my Self, I’m going to feel wonderful regardless of what’s happening in my human relationships.

So when Jerry Maguire says, “You complete me,” what he’s really saying is, “My connection with you serves as a catalyst to my deeper connection with my expanded inner being, and that completes me.” [:)] Unfortunately, he doesn’t know that’s what he’s saying, and that sets him up for difficulties down the road.

When we don’t know how this primary relationship works, we think our happiness depends on having a certain person or a certain relationship (or other conditions) in our lives, and we believe we can’t be happy without them.

And even if we do attract a fabulous relationship, we worry about what could happen if that other person does things we don’t like, loses interest, doesn’t love us anymore, leaves, or dies. We believe our happiness depends on the other person, instead of on our connection with our expanded selves – which, by the way, is eternal, unconditional, and always available!

So our task is, once again, to relax into alignment with who we really are (our expanded, non-physical, Source Energy self), and when we do that, we’re so steady in that connection that we can all just enjoy ourselves and our relationships with each other.


This concept takes the previous one a step further, and my favorite thing about it is how much it simplifies things for me. Abraham says that when we tend to our vibrational relationship with our expanded self or inner being, everything else in our experience falls into place. We do this, once again, by paying attention to our feelings, finding better-feeling thoughts about whatever subject we’re focusing on, and reminding ourselves to relax and float downstream rather than paddling upstream.

I can remember this when I’m looking at the big picture, but I tend to lose sight of it when I’m going through my day, feeling worried or stressed about money, or my to-do list, or a physical symptom I’m having, or something that’s going on with my kids. My old habit is to work hard or think hard, and try to find answers and fixes for those situations – which is paddling upstream. And I often don’t know the answers, so I worry and stress more – also upstream.

So it’s been a great relief to me (the call of Source!) to hear Abraham remind me that fixing it all and figuring it all out is not my job – it’s the universe’s job. If I’ve been thinking about it, I’ve already asked for it to be resolved. The universe has already resolved it. And all I need to do is tend to my vibrational relationship with myself so I can allow in the resolutions, and everything else will fall into place.

The universe has a far bigger picture than I do, and far more resources and solutions and ideas than I do, and figuring it all out has never really been up to me – I just thought it was. So it’s a great help to me to notice when I’m stressing, remind myself to tend to my relationship with my expanded self, know that the universe is orchestrating everything that needs to happen, and I can just put my oars in the boat and float downstream, and everything else will take care of itself.

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