The Abraham-Hicks Team

Who is Abraham?

The short answer to this question is that Abraham is a group of non-physical teachers (that is, teachers who aren’t currently in physical form) who gathered together themselves through Law of Attraction, and who became available to us because so many people here were asking so many spiritual questions.

Because they aren’t limited to our physical human perspective, they can answer our questions from a broader viewpoint and help us to understand the bigger picture of how Law of Attraction and other universal laws work, and how we can live more joyful and abundant lives.

Who are Esther and Jerry Hicks?

Again, the short answer is that Jerry Hicks describes himself as “the great question asker.” He had done many things in his life before being introduced to Abraham in the mid-1980s, but he’d been making lists of questions about life, death, and everything in between, since childhood, and has always had a voracious appetite for information, especially about personal and spiritual growth, success, and abundance.

Esther, on the other hand, describes herself as basically happy and carefree, with no particular burning questions throughout most of her early life. She had a traditional upbringing and was uncomfortable when Jerry talked about some of his early metaphysical experiences. She knew nothing about channeling, and at the very least, thought it was weird and a little frightening.

They spent much of their early lives not knowing that together they made the perfect combination (the powerful asker and the non-resistant allower) for accessing and sharing Abraham’s information with the human world. Esther and Jerry tell the story of how they were introduced to Abraham at the beginning of several of their books, but my favorite way to get the story is to hear them tell it on their introductory CD, “Introduction to Abraham,” which you can listen to for free online or order as a free CD (shipping costs only) at the Abraham-Hicks website

I like the story because Esther and Jerry’s paths have been, like most people’s spiritual growth, gradual and imperfect. I like it that Esther didn’t believe in channeling and knew nothing about meditation or psychics or any of this until she had the experiences herself.

I like it that she got her first experiences with Abraham after nine months of daily meditation when her head started moving and she realized she was spelling letters with her nose! And that the first time Abraham spoke through her, she and Jerry were on the freeway in Phoenix, about to be smashed between two semis, when Abraham’s voice first yawned its way out of Esther’s mouth and told Jerry to take the next exit.

I like it that even now, as they travel the world offering Art of Allowing workshops, where Abraham directly answers questions as people ask them, Jerry and Esther still come across as two friendly, accessible human beings, and they aren’t interested in being anyone’s gurus.

I like it that Abraham also steadfastly refuses to become a guru or the source of a new religion, and that they tell us repeatedly that all the spiritual wisdom and information we’ll ever need comes through each of us every moment of every day, in the form of our own powerful individual emotional guidance systems – our feelings.

What does Abraham offer that’s different from other Law of Attraction teachers?

As I’ve seen, heard, and read other information on Law of Attraction, what I’ve noticed is that some of what’s offered gives broad, big-picture information, but not a lot of specific instruction about how to put LOA to use in your own life, or what to do when you feel stuck.

Others teach some very specific how-to steps, but they don’t talk about why it works or how it fits into the bigger picture. I think both are important, and in my opinion, Abraham offers the best mix of the big picture information and the specifics of how to apply it in our daily lives.

I also think that much of what’s out there about Law of Attraction focuses on manifesting money and material goods. Abraham definitely teaches us how to do that, but the focus is not just on material gain. Abraham shows us how we can use LOA to live the joyful, healthy, connected, balanced, and abundant lives we’ve always wanted.

The old cliché is that “money can’t buy happiness.” Abraham takes that a step further and teaches that, in fact, it works the other way around! The happiness (and the vibrational alignment that comes with it) is first, and then the money – and health, and freedom, and everything else you’ve ever desired or wished for – must follow. That’s the Law!

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