Body in Balance

I got my first specific taste of mind-body awareness in 1988, when I picked up a copy of Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body, a little blue book that offers an A-to-Z list of physical symptoms, and the typical underlying emotional issues and belief patterns that go with each of them. It was early for me on the personal growth path, and I remember being skeptical at first, thinking, “Who does she think she is to know the meaning of something going on in my body?”

Then I started looking up various recurring symptoms I’d had, and found that every single underlying meaning I looked up matched an emotional issue or a belief that I also clearly had. Yikes! I had no idea up to that point how wise, symbolic, and communicative our bodies are, consistently sending us signals about things we need to address.

I still refer to Heal Your Body almost daily to help clients (as well as my family, friends, and myself) identify the messages our bodies are sending. Then we use EFT to help release blocked energy, old beliefs, and emotions being held in the body, so the whole system can return to its natural, healthy balance. The results have been consistently amazing.

Well-Being Is Our Natural State

Even with a clear understanding of how mind and body work together, many of us still operate under the old fear-based belief that we have to “work hard and be vigilant” to get and stay healthy. Western medicine plays on this fear, advertising incessantly on TV about how illness can strike at any moment, how aging is practically a disease in itself, and then offering a vast array of pharmaceuticals (with an equally vast array of side effects) designed to “fight for your health.”

Fortunately, the bigger picture view is far more positive, and the Law of Attraction view, courtesy of Abraham, is as good as it gets. You can read about this in more detail in concepts number 5, 14, and 16 of my article about My 20 Favorite Abraham Concepts, but the basic message is that on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, etc. – well-being is our natural state. We don’t have to chase it or fight for it, just release our old patterns of fear and resistance, practice turning our thoughts “downstream,” and allow in our naturally vibrant health and well-being.

Abraham says that without exception, all physical symptoms are nothing more than indicators of where we are vibrationally. And when we practice choosing thoughts that feel better, we clean up the vibration. (Abraham offers several specific processes and games in the book Ask And It Is Given to help make this easier and more fun.) And when your vibration changes, according to the Law of Attraction, the indicators much change as well. No exceptions.

More Positive Practices for Allowing in Vibrant Health

Along with learning and practicing EFT, and addressing incomplete emotional issues, there are some other wonderful practices and resources that I and many of my clients have found helpful.

One thing you may want to consider (after checking with your doctor or health practitioner), is yoga. There are many forms of yoga you can do, from gentle restorative yoga to power yoga, and everything in between. All of them will help you reconnect with your body, increase your flexibility and strength, get your energies moving, balance your body, and take a break from your thoughts and your to-do list. If you’re interested, I’d encourage you to check out a nearby yoga studio, ask lots of questions, and see what they have to offer.

One specific version of yoga that I love and do regularly is the Five Tibetan Rites. You can read about them in detail on Mary Kurus' website, which also includes the complete illustrated instructions about how to do them, but the bottom line is that they help balance the endocrine system (including hormones) in the physical body, and the chakras at the energy level, with an incredible number of health and energy benefits – and the great perk of being able to learn them for free and do them at home with no equipment.

Now that I’ve mentioned hormones, I’d also recommend taking a look at Donna Eden’s new book, Energy Medicine For Women, which has very specific information and simple exercises women can do to naturally address hormonal issues of all kinds, from PMS to menopause, and everything in between. And they work! Again, beyond the initial cost of the book, you can do these exercises at home with no equipment, no pharmaceuticals, no doctor visits, and no additional expenses. Such a deal.

How Can Coaching Help Me With This?

As a coach, I don’t diagnose conditions or give medical advice. What I can do is work with you to identify connections between your physical condition and your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and then walk with you through the process of releasing resistance with EFT and other tools and practices. You can decide how you want to proceed medically – all of these tools work well in combination with whatever else you may be doing, as well as being highly effective on their own.

It’s a wonderful thing to find out how quickly you can feel better, physically and on every other level!

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