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Please use the form below if you have questions or would like to contact me about the website, coaching, EFT, or Law of Attraction.

If you'd like to schedule a coaching or EFT session, please include your phone number and the best times to call you. I've found that scheduling by phone just works better than trying to schedule by e-mail.

After you send your message, you'll get an auto-response e-mail letting you know that your message has been received, and I'll respond with an actual e-mail as soon as I can! Sometimes that's the same day, sometimes up to three days later if I'm out of town.

I've been booked with appointments lately several weeks in advance, so I appreciate your patience. I'm planning to schedule more groups and workshops for EFT and Law of Attraction practice, so there are more opportunities to get together and harness the power of these wonderful tools.

Thanks for your input, and I look forward to communicating with you soon!

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