What’s the Bigger Picture
Behind Law of Attraction?

My first thought is that Abraham can certainly answer this question (and has) much better than I ever could! But I’ve had many clients who have asked me this question about Law of Attraction over the past several years, and who wanted some more basic background information before they looked any further or invested in books or other materials.

The basic story Abraham tells is that we all start out as pure, positive, non-physical Source Energy, and we project ourselves here into physical form, but the bigger part of us always stays non-physical. We come here to this physical dimension, where time and space and matter exist, largely to experience contrast – all the different experiences, people, feelings, and conditions that exist here – and as we experience the contrast, we know more clearly what we don’t want, and what we do want.

Once we know what we do want – and this process continues constantly while we’re here in physical form – we automatically send out what Abraham calls “rockets of desire,” or vibrational requests that are immediately understood and answered by the universe and Source Energy, and those desires manifest immediately at the non-physical level.

Not only do they manifest, but to use Abraham’s words again, “Source Energy becomes them.” And that non-physical part of us that is Source Energy also becomes them, vibrates the positive changes and growth, and calls us forward energetically to align with them as well.

When we allow ourselves, here in physical form, to align with those all those positive changes we’ve initiated with our desires, we also allow ourselves to have and live and experience all of those positive changes (in other words, to joyously expand) while we’re still here in physical form. In other words, we can be, do, and have anything we desire, anything we choose.

But What’s the Point? Isn’t All This Focus on “Manifesting Abundance” Kind of Selfish?

I love this part of the story, because I had those exact same questions. I grew up in Iowa, where the no-frills work ethic is alive and well, and I was taught that anything worth having was worth working very, very hard for, and that there’s no free lunch, and that people who want money and freedom and an easy life are lazy and selfish, to say the least.

So I was thrilled and relieved to hear the answers Abraham offered to those questions. There’s more to it than this, but there were two answers that helped me the most. The first is that we aren’t just selfish “receivers of all the goods.” We’re creators, every single one of us, and there’s joy and meaning and value and spirit just in creation itself. I felt better knowing that, because I’ve always been creative and appreciated other people’s creativity – simply for the fun, beauty, and joy of it.

The second answer takes that a giant step further. While we could create just for the joy of it, what also happens in this process of contrast/desire/creation/allowing is that it continually expands the entire universe and moves it forward. According to Abraham, it isn’t that the universe “needs us” in order to survive, or that we have some kind of grave, monumental mission or responsibility to keep the universe moving forward; it’s just what happens.

It took me awhile to wrap my mind around that and to see what it says about my life and everyone else’s. I look at it this way: No matter what we do while we’re here on the planet, we’re constantly experiencing contrast and sending out rockets of desire, asking for what we would prefer instead. Every person, animal, plant, cell, and every point of attraction in the universe is constantly doing this, and the universe answers each and every call, and continues to improve and expand.

We could live any kind of life, from the most impoverished to the most extravagant, from the most physically limited to the most healthy and vibrant, from the most unhappy and miserable to the most joyful, from the most idle and dull to the most productive and inspirational – and every single one of us continues to have desires and expand the universe. Whatever we do, whether we fail or succeed, suffer or thrive, the universe continues to expand, improve, and move forward. Which kind of takes the pressure off, don’t you think?

Abraham says repeatedly that we make too much of all of this, that we take life and ourselves too seriously, and that it doesn’t have to be that way. They often refer to life in the physical dimension as “a ride on the river,” and encourage us to enjoy the ride, knowing that all is well, that abundance and health are our natural state, that the universe is joyously expanding and moving forward, and that no matter what we see or experience here, well-being abounds in the universe.

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