If Law Of Attraction Is So Wonderful,
Why Am I Still Struggling?

While the Law of Attraction itself is fairly simple and straightforward, unlearning and releasing all the opposing beliefs and habits we’ve acquired over the years takes some practice! We’ve been taught things, sometimes deliberately and sometimes unintentionally, that create resistance in us and keep us from allowing this universal law to work for us easily and consistently, the way the system was originally designed.

Many parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, and other authority figures have taught us – usually with the best possible intentions – a lot of things that get in our way as we’re learning to allow the Law of Attraction into our daily lives. Their intent is usually to protect us and help us, but what they often teach us instead is how to be afraid and stay on guard.

We’re taught the value of constant hard work, overcoming difficulties through struggle, fighting wars against drugs, terrorism, poverty, and disease. We’re taught to be independent, suffer in silence, never ask for anything, and sacrifice ourselves for the good of others.

We’re taught to ignore our exhaustion, compare ourselves to each other, do it all perfectly, stuff our real feelings and smile, settle for less, and obediently follow rules made by others who supposedly know what’s right for us.

We’re taught that it’s a dog-eat-dog world (and have you noticed that the vast majority of dogs don’t buy into this at all?), that we have to be vigilant and fiercely protect what’s ours, that time, energy, money, jobs and love are scarce, and that there aren’t nearly enough resources to go around. We’re taught that disease and decline are lurking around every corner, that anyone unfamiliar is suspect, that the world is broken, and that everything’s falling apart.

We’re taught that wanting anything is selfish and wrong, asking for help is weak, suffering is noble and spiritual, and that just maybe, if we do everything exactly right, we’ll someday be good enough, lovable, deserving, and worthwhile. No wonder we have trouble allowing Law of Attraction to work in our lives!

The good news is that we can release those old beliefs, blocks, painful feelings, and everything that goes with them, and the process of releasing them is easier and more efficient than ever before. As we do that, and we replace that old information with the far more loving and supportive bigger picture perspective that Law of Attraction provides, things fall into place and our lives transform.

Please read on to learn how to do that and what steps to take.

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