Introducing the Law of Attraction

The concept of the Law of Attraction has come into public awareness over the past few years, although it’s actually been talked about and written about for much longer. While the concept itself is simple and straightforward – “Like attracts like,” or “You get what you vibrate,” or “What you focus on expands” – many of us have found that putting it to use in our lives takes some fine tuning and practice. I believe this is largely because the Law of Attraction is so different from what we’ve previously been taught about the way the world works, and about who we are, both spiritually and as human beings.

What you focus on expands...

It’s not my intent to teach the full concept of Law of Attraction here on this site – and it isn’t necessary, because there are some wonderful materials available that do exactly that. What I’d like to do instead (in the articles and other information below) is to introduce the concepts and some things I’ve learned about the LOA that I regularly share with my clients. I’d also like to offer some of the strategies my clients and I have used to put the this universal law to work for us, so we can all more easily live the lives we truly desire – full of joy, health, connection, abundance, and freedom.

There are a number of teachers who currently specialize in the Law of Attraction. I’ve read and watched and listened to a variety of those teachings, and I always come back to the materials presented by Abraham-Hicks, or more specifically, the non-physical group of teachers who call themselves Abraham, whose messages are translated by Esther Hicks. This immediately presents challenges for some, because of perceptions and fears about channeling, psychics, and the “out there” qualities of the metaphysical world.

My first response to this (though it certainly won’t satisfy everyone) is that I think we’re all psychic, intuitive, and metaphysical. I believe that we all pick up information and feelings and vibrations from people and places, and some of us are just more consciously aware of it than others. I also think it can be developed by anyone who’s interested and willing. Having said that, all I can say is that the Abraham-Hicks material deeply resonates for me. Whatever the source of the information, it just feels good in my gut. I hear the things Abraham teaches, and they ring true for me in a way that’s far beyond any words I can use to describe the experience.

My encouragement to you is to take the same approach. If you’re interested in learning about Law of Attraction, read about it. Read these pages if you like. Read the books and listen to the CDs of Abraham-Hicks, or of Michael Losier, or The Secret, or whatever else calls to you. When you hear something you resonate with, you’ll know it, and then the fun begins!

Read and re-read the information. Experiment with the strategies, the “how-tos” of putting LOA to work. Practice them on a regular basis. Talk with others who are living and learning the same things. With practice, everyone I know has reached the same conclusion – the Law of Attraction works, every time, for everyone – no exceptions.

Ready to learn more? Read on and enjoy the journey!

Learn More About the Law of Attraction

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