About Life Coaching

My favorite definition of life coaching is:

“Creating a partnership that allows you to move from where you are now to where you’d like to be, faster and more easily than you would have gotten there on your own.”

The most common questions I hear are, "What's the difference between coaching and counseling?" "How does coaching work?" and "Why would someone hire a coach?" I'll do my best to answer those questions here.

Coaching vs. Counseling

Life coaching and counseling are different in some fundamental ways.

Counseling (and most healing work) comes from the perspective that a client has wounds that need to be healed. There’s nothing wrong with this view. Many of us have had painful experiences along the way and are seeking healing and relief.

In counseling, the healing process is often focused on looking back at situations and events that were painful, and clearing and releasing the pain so the client can return to balance and live more fully in the present.

Coaching views clients as essentially whole and well, with particular goals and desires, including a desire to get from “here” to “there,” whatever the specifics of that may be. This viewpoint is a great fit for me, and is one of the main reasons I enjoy coaching so much!

It also fits from the Law of Attraction standpoint, which says that ALL IS WELL in the big picture. No exceptions. No matter what our past experiences or traumas, we can release resistance, pain, and old patterns of all kinds, and every one of us can be, do, and have anything we choose.

(EFT, which can be used in both coaching and counseling, offers a wonderfully efficient way to blend the releasing of past issues and emotions with the positive and forward-looking intent of coaching. With EFT, you focus on the emotional charge just long enough to release it, and then it's much easier to focus on what you'd like to be living instead.)

How Coaching Works

A life coach and a client are partners who work together to determine the best ways for the client to get from "here" to "there," and they walk the path together. They begin in the present and move forward, identifying and releasing obstacles along the way. A coach and a client agree on “homework” for the client to do between sessions, so both of them can see the progress as it happens.

A good coach can help you see the bigger picture, identify and clarify your goals, build a clear map to get where you’re going, prioritize, get organized, take small steps and bigger steps, release obstacles and resistance, find resources, find easier ways to do things, be more efficient, and walk through the process together so you don’t have to do it alone. A coach can help you reach almost any goal, although most coaches specialize in certain areas.

Why Is Coaching So Popular These Days? Who Needs A Coach?

I believe that the reason life coaching is both popular and necessary these days is that many of us live very hectic and fast-paced lives. Added to that, we may feel isolated in our day-to-day lives, even if we're surrounded by people.

Coaching allows us to have a strong personal connection on a regular basis with a mentor, cheerleader, resource, and support person who knows (and cares) what's really going on with us, and walks with us on the path. Coaching is becoming widely accepted in both business and personal realms.

Q: Who hires a coach?

A: Anyone who's ready to move forward, and who chooses to do so with support and guidance, rather than going it alone.

Areas of Focus

Some people contact a life coach knowing exactly what they need or what they want to address. Others begin by saying, "I'm not happy with my work, but I'm not sure why," or "I've just felt uneasy and off balance for a long time, but I don't know where to start." Either way, a coach can help you find some clarity.

I teach every client who will let me how to do EFT, because I think it's such a great tool, no matter what issues or areas you'd like to address. I also teach most clients about balancing their energies, just because there are so many quick and simple ways to feel better, think more clearly, and have a better day. Of course I love working with Law of Attraction -- and I also understand that not everyone is interested in learning about it.

As you scroll further down this page (as I add more content and more pages to this section), you'll get a sense of the areas of your life that may benefit from coaching. I offer 1:1 sessions (in person or by phone), groups, workshops and workbooks, each designed to offer support and help you get wherever you’d like to go from here. As always, I look forward to our work together!

Thanks for your patience as I add more content to this section!

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