Tell The New Story With EFT
And The Law of Attraction

by Susan Hansen, M.S.

How will this book help me?

Tell the New Story with EFT and the Law of Attraction offers 28 specific EFT rounds designed to help you allow the Law of Attraction to work more effectively in your life.

The book includes introductory information about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and the Law of Attraction, followed by detailed, specific tapping rounds in several areas of life where many people would like to see positive change: health, happiness, worthiness, body image, clarity, creativity, freedom, love and support, and financial abundance.

Many of us replay our "old story" patterns in our thinking, even if we are aware of the Law of Attraction, so our situations don't significantly change for the better. We may understand that in order to harness the power of the Law of Attraction, we need to practice "telling the new story" to change the patterns. But sometimes we aren't sure how to do that, or we lose focus and return to our old patterns and our old stories.

Tell the New Story offers EFT rounds with "new story" wording, and summaries of a bigger-picture viewpoint regarding these stories and our lives, who we really are, and the abundance and well-being available to each of us. The Law of Attraction information here is based on the Abraham-Hicks teaching and applies to all areas of life.

I wrote this book because many of my coaching clients love EFT and are well aware of the Law of Attraction, but they wanted some specific tapping rounds to practice to help them stay in alignment or, in some cases, to find alignment in certain areas of their lives. The specific topics covered in the book are the ones that surface over and over with my clients, friends and family members, and in my own life.

What's in the book?

Here's the table of contents:


The Law of Attraction
Telling the New Story
How to Make the Best Use of this Book
Twenty Life-Changing Abraham Concepts

Part One: Old Stories, New Stories

1. Negative Thinking Patterns
2. Shame and Unworthiness
3. Anxiety and Fear
4. The Need for Approval
5. The Endless Work Ethic
6. If Only _______ Would Change
7. Procrastination and Self-Sabotage

Part Two: Tell the New Story


1. Safe, Connected, Loved, and Wanted
2. Unconditionally Loving Myself
3. Allowing in Love and Support
4. Easy Solutions
5. Everyone "Gets To," Including Me
6. Invitation from the Universe
7. Saying Yes and Trusting Myself
8. Living Out Loud (Allowing Myself Full and Open Expression)
9. Keeping Up With Who I Really Am


10. Vibrant Health
11. Balanced Hormones
12. Beautiful Body (Weight and Body Image)
13. Creativity
14. Getting Things Done
15. Financial Abundance
16. Clear Life Path
17. Happy and Healthy Relationships
18. Living in Love (Love Relationship/My Relationship with Me)

The Big Picture

19. My Best Life
20. Empowered, Abundant, and Free

Bonus Round

The World According to Abraham

A Final Word

Index of Stories and Statements

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3. A DVD set with all of these EFT rounds is in pre-production, so you'll be able to tap along with a video if you like. I'll post the link to the DVD set as soon as it's available.

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