Release Your Grief, Balance Your Life

by Susan Hansen, M.S.

Are you ready for relief and healing?

Release Your Grief, Balance Your Life is a step-by-step workbook designed to help you walk through the grief process to find relief, closure, peace, and balance after experiencing a loss in your life. The workbook includes introductory information about grief, loss, and trauma, the five stages of grief, a loss inventory, five steps to take to address a specific loss, and ideas for self-care along the way.

You can answer the questions and walk through the steps following the examples given in the workbook. Adoption, living with a loved one’s addiction, and a relationship break-up are the examples given, although you can use this process to address any loss.

As a teacher, counselor, life coach, and a person who has found peace following a wide variety of losses, I can say with confidence that any type of loss can be successfully addressed with these steps – we can heal from anything! If you are a school counselor, therapist, or life coach, you can use this workbook to guide your students or clients through the grief process. Grief work can open the door to a happier and healthier life for those who choose to take the steps.

What's in the workbook?

~ Introduction – How Can Grief Work Help?

~ Who Can Benefit From Grief Work?

~ Self-Care During the Grieving Process

~ What Qualifies as a Loss?

~ Three Types of Grief and Loss

	Simple Grief
	Complicated Grief

~ The Five Stages of Grief

	Shock or Denial
	Anger or Flood of Feelings

~ Loss Inventory

	A detailed inventory of losses you may have experienced

~ Steps in Healing After a Loss

~ Addressing a Specific Loss (Adoption Example)

	Step 1:  Tell the Story

	Step 2:  Explore the Meanings of the Loss

		 Anger, Hurt, and Fear

	Step 3:  Explore What Feels Unfinished

		 Guilt, Shame, and Powerlessness

		 Wishes, Wants, and Needs

	Step 4:  Express and Release the Pain of the Loss

		 The Five Stages of Grief – Where Are You Now?

		 Some Thoughts on Forgiveness

	Step 5:  Ask, “What Do I Get to Keep?”

		 Acceptance, Understanding, and Moving Forward

~ Example 2:  Living With Another Person’s Addiction

~ Example 3:  Relationship Break-Up or Divorce

~ Unsent Letters

	This section includes eight unsent letter formats you
        can use as part of your grief process.  The formats

	Anger Letter
	Letter to an Absent Parent
	Amends Letter
	Loss Letter
	Loss Letter From a Loved One
	Loss Letter After an Abortion
	Loss Letter After a Miscarriage
	Self-Forgiveness Letter

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