Spiritual Life in Balance

At some point, most of us ask some big-picture spiritual questions about life and ourselves: Who are we really? Why are we here? and other questions along those same lines. Sometimes we’ve been asking those questions for a long time, and sometimes we don’t ask until something happens that shakes up our world – a death, a loss, a major change, or unexplained events or circumstances that just seem too well-orchestrated to be random.

Most of the people I work with would consider themselves to be on a spiritual path of some sort, from the very traditional or conservative to the very open and expansive, and everything in between. Some consider themselves agnostics or atheists, but they almost all have enduring questions about the nature of life and reality.

Whatever the specifics of each person’s path, one thing many of us have in common is the desire to release old fear-based beliefs that hold us back. Many of us were taught, usually with the best of intentions, that we were unworthy or not good enough. Sometimes this was from a family perspective (Why can’t you be more like your brother?), and sometimes from a religious perspective (God would disapprove of you for that). These old messages can definitely get in the way of our growth and happiness.

Fortunately, this is another arena where EFT can work wonders, helping us release old feelings of shame, guilt, and unworthiness, old fear-based messages that we were taught, and painful or negative memories associated with them. I have no particular religious agenda, and can work within your belief system. Having said that, my foundational belief is that we are all good – whether I use the phrase I first heard in the late 80s about how “God doesn’t make junk,” or whether I say, “We’re all Source Energy in physical bodies.” I’m happy to work with you to help you release anything you may have experienced or been taught that stands in the way of you knowing that.

Once you’re feeling more clear, there are many wonderful ways for you to move forward on your path. Whether you attend services of some kind, explore your spirituality through music, reading, meditation, or whatever you choose, there are endless ways to become more still, more open, more peaceful, and more connected and aligned with yourself and with who you really are.

For those who are interested in learning how Law of Attraction and spirituality intertwine, I can certainly recommend some books and other materials from the Abraham-Hicks collection. If that’s not your interest, no problem! I believe we all have our own internal spiritual guidance, and that all roads ultimately lead us home. My encouragement is to find simple ways to get connected with yourself and find out what resonates for you.

How Can Coaching Help Me With This?

I can work with you to identify and release old fear-based beliefs, experiences, and feelings (especially shame, guilt, and unworthiness) that get in the way of your connection with who you really are in the bigger picture. We can start wherever you are, and move through and beyond any old obstacles to help you get to wherever you’d like to be in regard to your spirituality – and to become more connected and aligned, and more peaceful and joyful along the way.

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