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Susan's Education and Background

In 1986, I started what I believed would be a lifelong career here in Phoenix, Arizona, teaching high school English, with some creative writing and drama classes thrown in. To say that the road has provided a few sharp turns since then would be an understatement.

My traditional education includes a bachelor's degree in English Education from Arizona State University, and a master's degree in Health Education (emphasis on mental and emotional health) from Nova University.

Prior to coaching, I've worked as a reporter, teacher, behavioral health therapist, intervention specialist for a school district, university instructor (which I still do part time), private practice counselor, and have written several books, including a resource book of individual and group activities for counselors.

My spiritual/holistic education isn't as easy to classify. I'm a Reiki Master and have been trained in EFT, Intentional Kinesiology, and hypnotherapy. I've taken classes and workshops in intuitive development, working with spirit guides, past life regression, and a variety of other healing techniques. I completed basic coaching training through Coachville in 2003, and am eternally open to learning more and expanding my skills.

I've always been interested in the intuitive abilities that I believe everyone possesses. In 1990 I was invited to a healing session where the person doing the work told me that I had "healing hands" and was already using them for healing without knowing it. He encouraged me to get some guidance and use what I had.

At the time I didn't take it very seriously, but after that, at least once a year someone would walk up to me and say, "Boy, do you have healing hands. Are you ever going to do anything with them?"

After I took my first Reiki class in 1998, and learned to focus and flow the energy in my hands (which I believe everyone can do if they choose), I knew there was no turning back. I took more classes and uncovered some other intuitive skills.

Working with Steve LeBlanc and Intentional Kinesiology, I found that I could begin to see and hear messages from spirit guides. Every time I thought, "I must be making this up," I would get information that clients would verify, although they hadn't told me that information before -- sometimes hadn't told anyone before.

The next skill to emerge was the ability to communicate with people no longer living, or those who were about to cross over. That was pretty shocking at first, I must admit. I questioned myself and the specific information, but again, clients verified that I was getting information that I couldn't possibly have known any other way.

Over time it's become very "normal" feeling to me -- whatever that means! The overwhelming theme of the information that I get from the non-physical dimension is that we are incredibly loved, and ALL IS WELL. Not exactly the scary ghost story stuff you might expect.

I first heard about the Abraham-Hicks materials and the Law of Attraction in the mid 90s. I knew the material was amazing and valuable, but I don't think I was quite ready to integrate it into my own life. I wanted it to be true, but was afraid it wouldn't work for me. Several years later I signed up to receive "Abe Quotes" by e-mail, and enjoyed a snippet-by-snippet education in the Law of Attraction.

In 2004, Esther and Jerry Hicks published Ask And It Is Given, which was a life-changing, door-opening book for me. I've been living and practicing (and celebrating) Law of Attraction principles ever since.

I learned EFT in 1997, and it's an absolutely phenomenal tool. And as I've said on other pages in the site, I think EFT and Law of Attraction are a perfect match! I love using these tools, and I love coaching -- for me it's a huge privilege to be invited to walk along with people on their courageous personal paths, while they heal old losses, release fear and resistance, and take steps forward toward the lives they've always wanted.

What an amazing job I get to do!

I'm sure my work and skills will continue to evolve. Please visit the site again and I'll keep you updated as things progress.

Namaste, and many blessings along your path,


(Susan, Summer of 2008)

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