Great Tapping Techniques, Part 1 of 2

EFT is such a versatile tool that many practitioners create new tapping techniques, "fine tuning" EFT for certain situations, clients, symptoms, or issues. The main EFT website is filled with case studies and a multitude of different ways to use EFT that different practitioners have developed over the years. I want to share some of my favorites with you on this page, so if you'd like, you can experiment to see what works best for you.


Basic EFT and the Choices Method are wonderful and highly effective. As I've said before, I almost always use the Choices Method, and almost all the sample scripts I offer on this site and in my e-books use the this method. I like the structure of it and I like the fact that after we release what's bothering us, we replace it with the positive alternative we'd like to experience instead.

Having said that, there are times when I'm glad to know some other approaches. In using EFT for myself (which I do daily), sometimes I'm not calm enough,clear enough, or awake enough to easily come up with wording that feels right to me. Other times, changing the wording or using a different structure will "shake things up and out" of my system, or will bring me new insights, new connections, or a deeper understanding of what's bothering me.

I also use several of these additional methods during coaching sessions, and I encourage clients to experiment with different methods when they're tapping on their own between sessions.

Here are some suggestions for trying out different methods:


Use Basic EFT for simple and straightforward issues, maybe a headache, fatigue, or sore feet after a long hike. You can also use it when you're new at EFT and just want to know the basics. It's quick and easy to learn.

Use the EFT Choices Method if you want to get a little more specific, and if you like the idea of accentuating the positive, once you've released what's blocked.


Try any of these three very simple techniques to get started. They're easy but still surprisingly powerful.

The Tap While You Talk method is pretty straightforward. As you talk out loud about whatever's bothering you (either by yourself or with a trusted listener), just tap around and around the meridian points while you talk. Another variation of this is to stand up and pace around the room or walk around your house while you tap and talk.

Either of these helps you immediately feel more energetically balanced and relaxed, and sometimes that's all it takes. Talking about what's bothering you is often therapeutic in itself, but tapping while you talk helps you find immediate relief and stay in balance even in the middle of an upsetting situation.

Acceptance Tapping is similar to tapping while you talk, with a slight difference in focus. Sometimes we're so focused on releasing feelings and moving forward that we forget how important it is to accept ourselves wheverever we are in this moment, wherever we are on our path. In acceptance tapping, you just tap around the points, say whatever comes to mind, and add in statements like, "And even though this is happening, I accept myself." Or, "I accept where I am and who I am right now." Or, "Even though this is where I am, and I don't want to be here, I accept the situation and myself right now."

When we resist or fight against what is (or who we are, or where we are), it's actually more difficult to let go and move forward. Accepting who we are and where we are is profoundly important, and ironically, it helps us soften resistance, let go, and move forward in our lives.

The Tell the Story Technique is also similar to just tapping while you talk, but it breaks an emotionally charged story of what happened into small, manageable parts that you can release one at a time. This is a great technique for working with a painful or traumatic experience.


Both of these come from Dr. Carol Look, one of my all-time favorite EFT practitioners. You can find instructions for these (and several other ideas) in her Top Ten Tapping Tips article from her website.

Opposite Hand Tapping is a great way to help integrate changes in the body, brain, emotions, and energy system. As you do EFT, do some rounds just tapping with your right hand, some rounds just with your left hand, and some rounds using both hands. You can use this in combination with any other style of tapping, just to change things up a little and keep your energies in balance.

Singing The Affirmations is another way simple to integrate the two sides of the brain as you tap, because singing activates the right hemisphere, which improves creativity and also helps you see the big picture in a situation instead of feeling stuck in the details. When you use the Choices Method, you can sing the positive affirmation part of the EFT round (the part beginning with, "I now choose," or "I allow").


Along with some of the methods already mentioned (like Tap While You Talk and Tell The Story tapping), here are some things to try when you're just too angry or frustrated to create pristine tapping statements.

These first three come once again from Carol Look's Top Ten Tapping Tips.
Argument Tapping is a great way to get un-stuck, and it's actually a lot of fun. You just speak both sides of the argument out loud, whether it's an argument with someone else, or an argument with different aspects of yourself. "I can't do that... Yes you can... No I can't; it'll never work... Yes you can; you're smarter than you think..."

Refusal Tapping can help you if you have a lot of emotional charge around being told what to do, have difficulty with authority, had a parent or another important adult in your life as you were growing up who was controlling or bossy.

Refusal tapping allow you to say, "You can't make me! You're not the boss of me! I'll let go of this issue when I'm good and ready!" And again, ironically, knowing that you don't "have to" helps you be ready to let go and move forward more easily.

Photo Tapping allows you to connect with the person you're angry with through a photo. You can use any photo of the person -- one from a happy time, or a photo where the person looks angry, a recent photo, or one from long ago.

As you're tapping and talking (or using any other version of EFT), look at the photo and talk to the person as if he or she were right there in front of you. You can use photo tapping to talk with someone who's currently in your life, or someone who's no longer in your life (through death, separation, or the end of a relationship).

These last three are basic techniques I came up with, just minor variations on other methods. They're most effective when you're good and angry. Instructions for these three ideas for Tapping Out Your Anger are all together in one handout. Enjoy!

"Listen Up!" tapping is a great technique to use when you're boiling mad and want to blow off some steam in a harmless way and balance your energies at the same time. You can use a photo if you'd like to, but it's not necessary.

Just find a place where you can make some noise without disturbing anyone, and preferably where you can walk or pace around as you tap. Imagine that the person you're angry with is sitting in front of you, listening, but unable to argue or respond. It's your turn to talk, and that person's turn to listen. Then tap around the points and tell that person exactly how you feel without editing yourself. Be loud, demanding, rude, bossy, just tell it and yell it as you see it.

Insert Colorful Language Here allows you to take advantage of profane or otherwise colorful language, if you feel comfortable with that. Even if you rarely use profanity, using it in this context seems to help neutralize emotional charge and quickly calm you down.

Again, find a place where you can be loud and it won't disturb anyone, and use any EFT format (from Tap while You Talk to the Choices Method, or any other method), inserting your favorite profanities, labels, or name calling words as you tap and talk. It usually doesn't take long before tapping this way just becomes funny or absurd. It's typical to start out raging, and end up laughing, which is a great way to take the charge off a highly emotional situation.

The Random Rant is a great technique to use when you have a number of stresses or frustrations going on at the same time. Just tap around the points, talk or yell loudly, and don't worry about trying to stay on one subject. Go from one topic to another, and back again, in whatever way the tapping round unfolds. Repeat things over and over if it feels good to do so. Say out loud whatever comes to mind, whether it makes sense or not.

Often you'll hear yourself say something unexpected and realize it's one of the most important aspects in the situation. Either way, rant till you feel better, till you run out of things to say, till you yawn yourself out, till you laugh, or till you're exhausted and want to go to sleep. It's like cleaning layers of sludge out of your system, and it just feels good.

With any of these three techniques for releasing anger, I'd suggest that you follow them up with a positive round of affirmations. See the handout for examples.

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