Great Tapping Techniques, Part 2 of 2

Here are some more great tapping techniques to help you clear and release whatever you'd like to be free from.


Try the Personal Peace Procedure This is one of Gary Craig's creations, and I highly recommend it. Gary tells stories about how people with major health issues or childhood abuse or trauma have tapped away huge issues, one day at a time, one past event at a time, using the Personal Peace Procedure. It's far less expensive, and far more efficient and effective, than years of talk therapy, plus you get to connect with yourself in a positive way on a regular basis, and that's incredibly valuable in itself.


The first four ideas here are once again from Carol Look's Top Ten Tapping Tips.

Mirror Tapping: Whatever EFT format you're using, try looking in a mirror as you tap. This will often bring up deep feelings, which you can then tap out. As you do this over time, you'll become much more connected with and comfortable with yourself, which brings improvement in every part of your life. Mirror tapping can be challenging, but is well worth it!

Photo Tapping: This time, tap using photos of yourself, whether recent photos, photos from childhood -- any photo of you will do. Check out Carol Look's article for some great ideas to use with photo tapping. The most common outcome of tapping using photos of yourself is increased acceptance, compassion, and love for yourself, which will have a positive impact everywhere in your life.

"You" Tapping: Using this method, you're focusing on yourself, but using "you" instead of "I." For example, instead of saying, "I get so mad at myself for still having this issue, and I know I need to be more compassionate with myself," you would say, "You get so mad at yourself -- how about being more compassionate with yourself and giving yourself the time you need?" See Carol's article for more examples. This helps integrate the changes you're making on a number of levels, and helps you be more accepting of yourself along the path.

Guest Tapping: This method allows you to access your intuition and feel supported at the same time. As you tap, imagine your favorite EFT practitioner, or your favorite spiritual teacher, or your most supportive friend, or your Higher Self or Higher Power, tapping with you.

Imagine that this person or being is tapping with you and helping you come up with phrases and statements to tap on. As Carol Look says, don't be surprised if your "guest tapper" comes up with profoundly brilliant ideas!

The last idea is one I borrowed from another EFT offshoot called "Be Set Free Fast." I've found the issue of self-forgiveness to be very powerful and highly charged for some people, so it's worth checking out.

"I Forgive Myself" Tapping: I use this at the end of any tapping round that deals with me being angry or frustrated with myself, feeling guilt or shame, or feeling a lack of compassion for myself. At the end of any EFT round, tap on one index finger point (on the side of the finger closest to the thumb, next to the fingernail), and say, "I forgive myself, and all parts of myself. I know I'm doing the best I know how."

Repeat this at least once on the left index finger, and once on the right, even if the statement isn't true yet. Say it even if you only hope it will be true someday! This is often highly emotionally charged and very powerful, so it's well worth doing.


Along with some that have already been mentioned above (like Photo Tapping, the Personal Peace Procedure, and "Listen Up!" tapping), I'd recommend the following ideas as well:

Unsent Letter Tapping: Write a letter to anyone you wish, saying whatever needs to be said. You can write to a person currently in your life, a person in your past, or anyone you have things to say to. It doesn't matter whether the person is still living or not.

You can write an angry letter, a letter expressing your grief, an apology, a thank you, or even the letter you'd like to receive from someone if that person could express his or her deepest feelings.

Then, instead of sending the letter, read it out loud as you tap around the EFT points. This can bring deep feelings to the surface, so you may want to do this with a coach, EFT practitioner, or a trusted listener. It may be emotional, but the relief and release are well worth it.

Couples Tapping: This article by David Lake is a great way to get started with couples tapping. If you and your partner are both willing, you can experiment with these techniques together on your own. If things are highly charged between you, I'd recommend using these techniques with a coach or EFT practitioner. This is a powerfully healing way to use EFT.


These issues are often highly emotionally charged and painful to deal with, so I'd recommend working with an EFT practitioner or therapist. Having said that, along with the Personal Peace Procedure mentioned above, here are two more techniques from Gary Craig that have brought vast relief to hundreds (maybe thousands) of people with trauma or abuse issues.

The Movie Technique is a great way to clear out old emotions from a painful or traumatic event in the past.

The Tearless Trauma Technique is another way to clear out old traumas. Gary Craig has used this with veterans who have post traumatic stress, with amazing results.


Along with Basic EFT, The Choices Method, and Singing Your Affirmations, which are already mentioned above, here's one more from Carol Look's Top Ten Tapping Tips (Thank You Tapping), and another from the EFT website (Let It Be Easy):

Thank You Tapping gives you the opportunity to balance your energy and connect with the positive things that are happening in your life. As you speak them and tap on the EFT points, you'll be able to feel the shift in your energy. This is great Law of Attraction practice as well, focusing on what is going well in your life and attracting more of it.

Let it be Easy phrasing combines EFT with a simple reminder that we often make things harder than they actually are through our old, fear-based thoughts and beliefs. Just add the words, "I now choose to let this be easy," toward the end of a choices tapping round, and repeat it on two or three points. I've used this last one a lot lately, to remind myself how easy things are actually supposed to be! It's been a great help and a great reminder.

I encourage you to experiment with these different styles of EFT, and also remember that you don't have to do it alone. You can attend an EFT group (I'll be starting one in the very near future), or set up a session with me or another EFT practitioner. Enjoy, and see, feel, and experience the positive changes in your life!

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